Season 6

That’s the final season and every character have one centric ep to say goodbye.
On this season Amelia is on the start of her second year sober, and right at the start, Pete dies, so they need another ER doctor, that ends up being James.
Charlotte is pregnant with triples in this season and the biggest part of the season she has to take it easy, so she pass a lot of time on the bed, being spoiled.
Amelia in the other hand, finally comes out of Addison’s house, and buy her own appartment. what makes her friends a lil worried because she just dont come out.
On Amelia’s centric ep, they all makes her out on blind dates, that are a big disaster.
James persuis her and she finally gives in and go on a date with him, he makes her crazy by not kissing her in the first or in the second date.
He goes on her place and giver her a kiss right there, and then, they start a light date, but in the time of sex, Amelia remembers of Ryan’s death, and end it up running away from James. He stays, and she feels good enough to tell everything about her own traumas to him.
In other news, Charlotte, after 6 weeks in bed, finally give birth to her children, with Amelia on the room holding her hand and being a big friend to her.
Addison get married to Jake after they gain custody of Henry in court (with a little fight, i have to say).
That’s the final ep of PP, the Jake and Addison’s wedding.


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