Season 5

Ok, that’s my favorite season. It’s all about Amelia, and if you want to understand the character, that’s the season you should watch.
At the very first start, Addison meet Jake and he ends up being a doctor on the practice.
The season starts with Pete almost dead, needing a surgery that only Amelia could do it. But, Amelia is really drunk and Charlotte doesn’t want to let her making that surgery.
That one is a life changing, that’s when Charlotte starts to take care of Amelia, making Amelia angrier, and dificulting to her to ask for help. The thing is deterioring really fast. At one point, Amelia end it up with Ryan on her bed, doesn’t want to work and in conflict with Charlotte. When Amelia start to hook up with Ryan, she going down too fast to control. Charlotte realize whats happening and confront Amelia, that’s when Amelia quit her job.
Then Addison confront Amelia, and Amelia desapear right after that “fight” with Addison.
After 12 days missing, she come back, and everyone at this point knows that she is in relapse. They decide make an intervention on her, that’s in the 8/9 eps, it’s a double ep that shows the whole intervention and rehab. And that’s an ep everyone should watch, Caterina is brilliant here, seriously.
Anyway, after the intervention, Amelia STILL doesn’t realize that she needs help imediatly, but Ryan did, and they decide to get clean together and then will have 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls (i like this part, its a cute).
But they have a last dose and they decide to take that one, and when Amelia wake up, Ryan is dead. That’s when she calls Addison and say that she is ready to rehab.
On the rehab, Amelia meet Hailey, a 17 year old girl, that become really close to her during the 50 days in there.
After rehab, Amelia goes back to her old life, with Addison and then, try to help Cooper and Erica with her tumor, and that’s when Amelia goes to Seattle asks for Derek’s help. They manage to save Erica, but right after that, Amelia discover that she is pregnant.
She became receous to tell Addison about, because in the whole season (actually, the whole serie) Addison wants to having a baby, and she doesn’t see able to get that.
But in the end Amelia decides to tell Addison about it, in a very touching scene, where you can feel the love.
At the beggining Amelia is not really into pregnancy, but Addison helps her to accept the whole story and then, convince Amelia to start the exams to make her baby healthy. Note that Amelia take a lot of time to discover about her baby, so she can’t terminate that pregnancy now, she only could keep or put her baby to adoption.
On the first ultrassom, Addison discovers that Amelia’s baby doesn’t have a brain, what put Amelia on an awful position, because the baby can barely survive in this conditions.
At the same time, Addison became a mom of Henry, a beautiful baby boy with a teen mom. What is too much to Amelia process, making her going away from Addie, puting her on Sam’s house during the whole pregnancy.
This all happens with Sheldon on a trip, what makes Amelia a solitary person during this time.
On this midtime, Amelia declares a little girl brain dead, and in a talk with her dad, she decides donate her baby’s organs.
Then Amelia comes to Pete with her plans and Pete become the only person that she actually talks during her pregnancy. He makes her healthy and talks to her, and tell her about her wife and her daughter and bound with her.
That’s how Pete starts his relationship with Addison, being a brother to Amelia, he wins Addie’s heart, it’s a cute scene.
The season finale starts with Amelia in labour, she doesn’t want anyone in there with her and when Pete tells everybody that Amelia wants to donate the organs of her baby, everybody gets shocked. Sam and Charlotte doesn’t want to help and all becames a little war with Addison trying to convince Sam to help on the transplant and Charlotte fighting the lawyers to authorize this.
At the moment of birth, Amelia is too sensitive and needs someone to hold her, at this point she still doesn’t talk with Addie, but Addie enter the bedroom anyway. And Amelia ends it up giving birth holding to Addison all the way.
That’s when she tells Addison that is a unicorn baby.
Addison explain later that at 12yo Amelia was obcessed with unicorns because they can do amazing things and they are magical. And this baby’s organs go to a lot of parts of countrie and do amazing things, it’s magical. It’s her unicorn baby.
If you ever ask yourself, that’s the unicorn baby everyone talk about. And that’s the big trauma that Amelia hide from Derek.

Season Finale


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