Season 4

Now the thing get on fire.
On this season, Amelia starts to works for real on the clinic. Right on the beggining she goes to Seattle (because Addie makes her to, whatever) talking to derek about the shooting. When she come back she asks for a job, so she doesn’t have to be alone.

In the ep 7, Charlotte is raped, and Amelia is the person who helps her to deal with this trauma. Since Charlotte is a addicted as well, they start a beautiful friendship, going to the meetings together and support each other on this day-to-day battleship.

Charlotte even ask Amelia to be her made of honor. At Charlotte’s wedding, Amelia almost drink alchool at mistake.
In this season, Amelia and Sheldon starts a great friendship too, that begins with Amelia proposing him to sex. Yeah, you read it right.
At the end of this season, Michelle, a GREAT Amelia’s friend, who saw her mom die of Huntington’s desease and is sure that she doesn’t want to pass the same journey. She tell Amelia that she gonna kill herself when the symptoms begins.
Amelia, fearing the worst, promess Michelle that when the time comes, she gonna kill Michelle herself.
A couple months laters, still on this season, Michelle come back and asks Amelia to do it. The assisted suicide end it up wrong, Michelle survives and Amelia makes a pact with her, Amelia will not taking pills since Michelle will not kill herself. One taking care of another. Michelle end it up killing herself alone, on Amelia’s bed.
That’s the point where Amelia start doing drugs again.
The season ends with Charlotte realizing that Amelia is in trouble.

Season 5


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