Season 3

I will start on Season 03, because is only on the ep19 of this season that we finally see Amelia. For me, it’s the most interesting part of the serie.
Amelia arrives to the serie for a special case, with her mentor, that is ‘a genius’ to consulting for an specific case. Her mentor is an expert in waking up comatose people. In this case, it’s a pregnant (surrogate) lady. Her mentor doesn’t think that she can help, but Amelia is convinced that she can do something.
Amelia ends up fired, but the lady’s husband insistes on the surgery.
Anyway, since that Amelia was fired, she go lives with Addison for a while, until she decides what should she doing with her life.
The whole season 3 is about that and showing that Amelia/Addison friendship. Ending with Amelia performing 2 surgeries, one of them can’t survive.
Amelia only make the last four eps on this season, so doesn’t have a lot to comenting about it.
Season 4


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