First of all, I’m gonna put all the main characters and the relationship they have with Amelia. So when I talk about them, y’all know what the hell I’m talking about.

I believe everbody knows that one. Addison and Amelia have this great relationship and chemistry during the whole serie. Addison loves Amelia and see her as a baby sister, and repeatedly say that to her. After Amelia’s intervention, Addison is the person who takes her of to rehab.

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Charlotte is Amelia’s best friend. They develop a strange friendship after Charlotte’s rape. Amelia talk with her about the addiction they both share. Amelia ends up being Charlotte’s made of honor.

Sheldon and Amelia has a beautiful friendship. Sheldon had a little crush on her, but in the end, they become best friends and care A LOT for each other. Sheldon is the first to realize that Amelia is in trouble again and the first that try to help her to come back of this dark place.

Jake take care of Amelia for a time. His wife dies of overdose and he seems to be the person who understand Amelia the best. When she find out about the unicorn baby, is Jake that manage to keep Amelia healthy.


Sam knows Amelia for all her life. As Addison, he is a Derek’s friend, so they have a brother/sister relationship. But not as strong as Amelia and Addison. Amelia lives with him for a while, during her pregnancy.

Michelle is a great Amelia’s friend who have Huntington’s disease. She asks Amelia to help her to die. She is the main reason for Amelia’s relapse.

Ryan is an Amelia’s boyfriend. She was way out of control when she met him, and that just going worst with him on her life. Father of her baby, his death is the reason why Amelia ends up on the rehab.

Hailey is the girl that is on rehab with Amelia, she only appears in one ep, but they had a great relationship and care for each other. It’s a big part of Amelia’s recovery.

James only appears on the season 6. It’s the person who helps Amelia to get over it Ryan and the unicorn baby. And is also the reason why Amelia goes to Seattle. He proposed and she freaks. Yes, that’s James.

PS: We have another characters, but they don’t have a big, strong, relationship with Amelia, so I don’t put they here.

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