Jessica Capshaw talk about Caterina on twitter

With the new Grey’s ep I almost forget to post this CUTE tweet and pic that Jcap post with Caterina today. Aren’t they the sweetest thing on earth? ❤


11×07 [SPOILER]

Today a new article about the 11×07 ep was released.
The article come out in the Ew Magazine and you can read it here:

Grey’s Dredges up The Past
Private Practice transplant Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) has set up a pretty cushy life for herself in Seattle, even becoming the head of neurosurgery over her brother Derek (Patrick Dempsey). But that will all come crashing down when she’s faced with her past transgressions -namely her illicit drug use with boyfriend Ryan (Wes Brown), wich eventually led to his death by overdose. “Trough a series of circumstances, someone who knows all of her deepest and darkest secrets ends up at the hospital”, Scorsone tells EW of Grey’s Anatomy’s Nov. 13 episode. “So her anonymity is severily compromised.”
Amelia’s troubled past will also threaten her job. “You can understand why people would be slightly concerned knowing that their neurosurgeon had a history with hard narcotics,” Scorsone says hinting that the story line will finaly bring Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia together on screen. “He’s placed in a very awkward position of having to make a decision on whether she’s capable of doing the job that she’s doing.” Still, the big question is not whether she’ll keep her job but whether Derek will come to her defense. Suffice it to say, McIssues will arrise.

What do you think about it? Who is this misterious person from Amelia’s past?
By the promo pictures, I think is someone close to Hailey?
Will have to wait&see.