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New spoilers about Greys

I am a little late but its a lots of parties sorry. Ok, Auselio give us a little hint of come in the future of our little dreamy a week ago (i told i was kinda late) check it out:
Question: Scoop Me! —Bob
Ausiello: I’m getting a distinct Grey’s Anatomy vibe from you, Robert. Look for Owen and Callie to encourage each other to get back in the dating scene in early 2015. I hear the former will test the waters with a certain female doc with the initials “AS.” Hint No. 2: She has substance abuse issues. Hint No. 3: She’s related to Derek. Hint No. 4: She’s pictured to the right. Hit the comments with your best guesses!

I think its time for us to actually decide a shipper name guys



Spoilers for the 12 epi revealed


The actor, singer and songriter Charlie Bodin (CSI) recorded a cameo for the 12 epi of Grey’s and share the title with us: The Great Pretender

This'll be fun!

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He come to twitter later and thanked for the experience too, thanking our own little dreamy too, along with Sara Ramirez and Camila Luddington. Apparently they will all work together: