Amelia soon to be the ONLY Shepherd?

A new interview from Caterina teases us about the posibility of Amelia becoming the only Shepherd at the Memorial’s Hospital. Check it out:

Amelia Shepherd’s happy-go-lucky time as head of neurosurgery at Grey Sloan Memorial on “Grey’s Anatomy” is about take a very dark turn. In Thursday’s (Nov. 13) episode, “Could We Start Again, Please?,” Amelia’s drug and alcohol addiction will come to light, causing a lot of tension within the hospital.

Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) has been a recurring character on “Grey’s” for several seasons, but her addiction so far has only served as a conversation piece for her older brother Derek. The trauma of Amelia’s most recent relapse played out on “Private Practice.”

Not only did Amelia lose the love of her life to an overdose, but the baby they conceived together was born without having developed a frontal lobe. In one of “Private Practice’s” most tear-jerking episodes, Amelia decides to carry on with the delivery and makes the painful decision to donate her son’s organs to save dozens of other terminally ill babies.

Those dark details have been kept under wraps from fans who didn’t watch the “Grey’s” spinoff. Now, a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial recognizes Amelia from her drug-taking days and says she’s unfit to perform surgery in front of the entire hospital — calling Amelia’s ability to be head of her department into question. Making matters worse, wen Amelia goes to Derek for backup, he falters in supporting her.

“He has a weak moment that stuns Amelia. For all of their bickering and competition, she has always looked up to Derek as this virtuous, integrity-filled father figure,” Scorsone says to Zap2it. “She has always assumed that in a pinch that he’ll be there for her. She’s really, really devastated when it comes down to it, and he doesn’t rise to the occasion.”

By bringing Amelia’s past into the “Grey’s” universe, it gives the character deeper roots in the show. The fight it sets up between her and Derek will help Amelia prove that she is as talented a surgeon as her brother and that her place in the hospital is much more than being “the other Shepherd.”

In fact, it could be a setup in helping Amelia transition into being Grey Sloan’s only Shepherd. Derek and Meredith have spent the entire season fighting over whether Derek will go to Washington for his brain-mapping project, and Derek seems as bored with Grey Sloan as actor Patrick Dempsey has expressed being with playing McDreamy for over a decade now.

Deepening Amelia’s backstory goes hand in hand with Scorsone coming into Season 11 as a series regular instead of a guest star. In the early episodes, Amelia has also aligned herself with Maggie Pierce — who is seemingly being groomed to take over as the new Grey (-ish, since she’s Ellis’ daughter and not Thatcher Grey’s).

Is it possible with Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo possibly winding down their time on the show that both Kelly McCreary (Maggie) and Scorsone are setting down roots to be the new Grey and Shepherd?

“You have these really great, accomplished older siblings that have come before them, and the younger generation are really capable in their own right. [Amelia and Maggie] are trying to cast off that dynamic of being the junior,” Scorsone says.

The actress adds that she’s really excited to see Amelia’s trajectory on the show. “The beautiful thing about this character continuing on ‘Grey’s’ is that we get to see what happens how a person kind of rises out of the ashes and rebuilds herself,” she says. “To watch her story continue and thrive is going to be really cool.”

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

The 11×07 ep is already online, you can watch it here



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